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What is a gauze mask?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-18
Disposable masks and gauze masks which good? Cold fog and haze days everyone can't avoid wear masks, there are many, many species masks, different types of mask function also is very different, and the gauze mask is a kind of widespread on the market, but the gauze mask is more difficult to clean, so what exactly is a gauze mask? Disposable masks and gauze mask which is better? What is the gauze masks masks mentioned, maybe you will think of the 'SARS' period, the use of masks and popularize reached a climax, this time let the mask once out of stock, many chemist will long team, is everyone wore masks in the street. Some people may wear a disposable masks, some people have is wear gauze mask. What kind of mask is gauze mask? The gauze mask is mainly used for containing low concentration of harmful gases and vapors work environment. The filter box only adsorbent or sorbent. Gauze masks can be repeatedly used, but must be used again after cleaning, disinfection, generally is not recommended for gauze masks frequently use, some people after use, only to clean it, and no disinfection, while the dust or bacteria are wash not to drop, so the conditional word, repeated use gauze mask is not recommended. Gauze masks when the choose and buy, it is important to note that you must to normal hospital or outpatient service to buy, can buy to qualified gauze masks, to make the use of masks play its effect. Gauze masks have a lot of kinds, can according to their own needs to buy. Suggest using disposable masks is better! * * * * * * error: the gauze masks when copper mask use. As early as in 2000 the former state economic and trade commission in the economic and trade security [2000] is expressly provided otherwise, gauze masks may not be used as a copper mask, but still often can see the wrong choice. Gauze masks occupational protection technology and backward in our country, have been widely used in dust, but in recent years, along with our country on the protection standards, testing technology and manufacturing technology progress, and the universal enhance social protection consciousness, have a clear understanding to the gauze of inefficient. During the SARS in 2003, due to the wrong direction, medical personnel to use gauze respirator protection, resulting in a large number of medical staff due to the improper protection, contagious costly, lesson. Now although from standards and regulations in the gauze mask, but the long-term use of gauze masks, but has trained many error protection concept, such as more of an emphasis on cheap, should absorb sweat, breathable and should be able to wash 'benefits', but do not take the closed and effective filter should have a protective effect. Non-woven masks how clean the filtering mechanism of non-woven mask as long as it is by ultrafine electrostatic fiber cloth, the fiber diameter of about 1 to 5 micron, so the ultrafine electrostatic dust cloth after capture, very not easy for cleaning from, and non-woven mask after washing, is can destroy the electrostatic dust collection ability, so, non-woven mask you can't wash, it is can not be reused, so must be discarded after use. Non-woven masks wide application, can be used for medical and health cause, can be used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, good insulation, good scalability, permeability is good, both waterproof and water absorption. Especially for some pollutants in the air, you can through the role of the filtering non-woven masks, to filter these harmful material thoroughly, to ensure the health of people. Non-woven masks, however, durability and strength are relatively poor, so the non-woven in washing, not clean, cannot be repeated. In addition, non-woven mask in use process, must be careful, its fiber is a certain direction, so it is easy to split from the right direction, these aspects want to be able to attract the attention of people.
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