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What is a gauze masks and define what is it?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-19
What is a gauze masks and define what is it? Filed a disposable respirator, maybe we can think of in the 'SARS' stage, the application of disposable masks and universalness reached a climax, disposable masks, once out of stock at this stage, a lot of pharmacy door long team, everyone is wearing disposable masks are on the road. Some people may wear a disposable masks, some people is wearing a gauze mask. What kind of disposable masks are gauze masks? Gauze mask is suitable for containing low concentration of toxic gas and steam safe work environment. The filter box only adsorbent or sorbent. Gauze mask is also can be repeated application of, but have to apply again after cleaning, disinfection, sterilization is not normally recommended gauze masks used frequently, some people after the application, is just to clean it, and no disinfection sterilization, while the dust or bacteria is not clean, clean, so it is necessary condition, frequently used gauze mask is not recommended. When choosing gauze masks, must pay attention to the necessary need to normal hospital or outpatient of choose and buy, can choose to mark gauze masks, disposable masks to fully give play to the role of its application. Gauze masks have a lot of kinds, can also according to their own requirements to choose and buy. Discuss what types of protective gloves? Of a gauze mask to have?
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