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What is a medical protective mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-22
What is a medical protective mask? Medical masks are one of the important members of the copper copper mask family. Medical masks, as an important means that can be used in medical behaviors, can ensure the health and safety when in contact with the human body, and prevent cross-infection in medical behaviors. Medical masks are divided into two types: inspection masks and surgical masks. Bacteria and non-sterile masks. Although marked with the word medical, the scope of application of medical masks is not limited to the medical industry. It can also show its talents in some industrial fields. High-hygienic medical masks are very suitable for high-hygienic experiments, precision electronic chip production and high-end pharmaceutical engineering, and are of great benefit to product production. Therefore, medical masks are mainly masks corresponding to industrial-grade masks. The most important difference between them is that the AQL value required by the copper mask is the AQL4.0 of the industrial copper mask. What is the medical protective mask? AQL1.5 for medical masks. However, in fact, medical-grade masks require more rigorous experience to obtain the medical title. Not only does the product meet reliable standards in terms of appearance and performance, but it also needs to pass the certification of the relevant department to obtain the qualification to use medical devices. Before all the conditions are met, the mask will truly become a responsible medical mask.
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