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What is raw material for Compression Gear in Copper Plus?
A perfect Compression Gear can't be manufactured without the combination of multiple high-quality raw materials. As a professional manufacturer with years of experience, Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. has sourced raw materials from many different suppliers in different industries. In the pre-production process, we will list out all the materials we need so customers can directly ask our staff for the information about raw materials. Additionally, the info of main raw materials are also described in the "Product Details" page of our website, and you're welcome to browse our website.
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Over the years, Copper Plus has continued to improve people’s lives with a steady flow of copper neck gaiter innovations. Copper Plus's Compression Gear series contains multiple sub-products. A variety of quality tests are required in the production process for Copper Plus Compression Gear. The QC team will test its dyeing saturation, wear resistance, UV resistance, heat resistance and weaving strength. we has professional technicians to attend to the work of producing Compression Gear with quality guaranteed.
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