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What is standard of N95 respirator

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-08
What is standard of N95 respirator N95 respirators are used as a suction guard against some fine particulate matter, such as grinding, cleaning and dealing with minerals, and other raw materials such as flour process of soot formation, also it is mainly used for formed by spraying liquid or not non-oily hazardous volatile gas of fine particulate matter. Can purify the effective filtering and sucked into abnormal smell ( Except the harmful gas) 。 This product can help to reduce some fine particulate matter inhaled microorganisms ( Such as mold, bacillus anthracis, n/med tuberculosis bacili, etc. ) The level of exposure, but can't remove the hidden danger of infection, illness, or death. A, N95 respirators Limitations of respiratory infectious diseases than according to the breathing system transfer; Precautions should be prior to exposure; Disposable masks closed structure and high efficiency filter, will enhance inspiratory resistance, reducing comfort; Suitability - If not user face mask design, will cause leakage; Meet the needs of application suitability and correctness, respirators can reduces the harmful material density 10 times. Pathogenic microorganisms to the government to establish safety contact limiting value, inspiratory only reduce illness to prevent hidden danger, but not remove hidden dangers. Second, the limited application 1. N95 respirators are not form of oxygen, can not in the oxygen density less than 19. 5% of the oxygen environment application. 2. May not be in the harmful material density to achieve immediate threat to life and health, IDLH) Density in the context of application, can not be applied in the damage of unknown environment, may not be in the harmful material density more than 10 times the limit for occupational safety and health of the contact density under applications, or special OSHA harmful material specification or suitable for the required density in government policies and regulations, will be subject to the level was lower. 3. When face a beard, hair, or other necessary conditions can affect the face with a disposable respirator tight fit between sealing gasket can be applied to the goods. 4. For some air pollution, respirators may help protect the lungs, obviously, it can not prevent harmful material according to other ways, such as skin invasion of the body, must the other personal protective equipment. 5. To be some respiratory diseases, such as suffering from asthma or emphysema, before wearing respirators, proposed should first ask the doctor. 6. Can not be modified and misuse of the goods, when disposable masks damage, stains, or feel inspiratory resistance increased significantly, should leave the pollution area, replace the new disposable masks. Users to buy masks is not protection grade, the higher the better what specification of respirator selection is analysed
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