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What is the difference between non-sterile masks and sterile masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-08
What is the difference between non-sterile masks and sterile masks? Medical staff often wear medical masks when examining or treating patients. The purpose of this is to isolate and prevent the spread of bacteria, protect the hands and health of medical staff, and establish a good protective barrier between doctors and patients. In the professional field, laboratory sterile masks and medical masks can be divided into sterile masks and non-sterile masks. What is the difference between these two masks? First of all, medical masks must contain CFDA food and drug safety certification. Medical masks that have not been strictly disinfected after holding the qualification certificate of this industry are called unsterilized medical masks. Disinfection masks, as the name suggests, are medical masks that use disinfection technology in the production process of masks. Existing copper mask disinfection technologies on the market include ethylene oxide and gamma rays. What is the difference between non-sterilized masks and sterilized masks? Disinfected masks are suitable for operating rooms and other medical places with high health and safety requirements. At present, common medical disinfection masks include disinfection inspection masks and disinfection operation masks. Some medical staff will wear two pairs of sterilized surgical masks during the operation to ensure the safety of themselves and their patients. In addition to adding sterilization technology in the production process, the packaging method of laboratory sterilization masks is more stringent than non-sterilized masks. Non-sterilized masks are usually packaged in a single piece, which is light and hygienic, while avoiding cross-infection during use. Provides double protection for medical staff. The emergence of laboratory disinfection masks is undoubtedly to provide health, hygiene and safety protection for medical staff. Now, do you know the difference between sterile masks and non-sterile masks?
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