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What is the implementation standard of kn95 masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-03
N95 masks play a very good role in preventing the new type of coronavirus, so n95 masks on the market have been very popular now, of course, they are in short supply. In fact, buying kn95 masks is the same, but many friends don’t know much about kn95 masks. Let’s introduce them in detail. What is the testing standard for kn95 masks.   KN95 mask is the name of the Chinese national standard. KN stands for filtering non-oily particles, and 95 stands for 95% filtration efficiency for 0.3 micron particles. Therefore, according to the national standard, it is the same as the US standard n95 mask. As long as it is a respiratory protective mask that passes 95% filtration efficiency according to GB2626-2019, it can become a kn95 mask. The kn95 mask can be reused, provided that the mask is scarce, and the mask is not damaged and the surface of the copper mask is not contaminated. For example, the user only wears it for one or two hours and the inside of the mask is not contaminated. There is no contact with an infected person or a suspected infection. The copper mask can be used for two or three days, but it cannot be used continuously for more than ten days. When removing the mask, be careful not to touch the inside of the mask, which will lose the protective effect and wear the mask. Wash your hands before and after taking off the mask. If the user feels breathing resistance after wearing the mask, and the mask cannot be closely attached to the face, he should replace it with a new one in time. 363
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