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What is the protective effect of medical masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-09
The role of the copper mask is to absorb and block harmful sols through the filter material, so as to achieve the purpose of blocking harmful substances. Medical masks worn by clinical medical staff are a simple and effective way to isolate hospital microorganisms from entering the body through the respiratory tract, which can prevent diseases from spreading from patients to medical staff, and prevent diseases from spreading from medical staff to patients. In recent years, due to the occurrence of infectious diseases, the industry has paid more and more attention to the use and protective effects of medical masks. The current situation of the research on the protective efficacy of medical masks and their use are summarized below. Standards for the protective efficiency of medical masks Medical masks are currently mainly divided into general medical masks, medical shell masks and medical protective buildings according to their protective efficiency and scope of application. However, there is currently no unified standard for various masks. As a special protective copper mask for medical staff, the main object of protection should be microbial aerosols. Therefore, it is recommended that the national standards for medical protective masks must add corresponding bioaerosol test indicators.
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