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What is the role of activated carbon mask layering?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-21
Structure: 4 layers of thickened super protection, 3 layers of pleated three-dimensional space design; plastic nose strip, high elastic spandex ear straps;    material: outer layer 20gPP non-woven fabric + middle layer 40g activated carbon cloth + middle layer 20g super filter paper+ The inner layer is 25gpp non-woven fabric; what is the effect of the layered activated carbon copper mask? The structural product name of the four-layer activated carbon mask: four-layer activated carbon copper mask brand: Jiji Size: 17.5*9.5cm (adult), 14.5*9.5 (children)    The function of the four-layer activated carbon mask outer layer 20gPP non-woven fabric: filterable Particles larger than 10um in the air, and play the role of moisture;    middle layer 40g high-efficiency adsorption activated carbon cloth: can absorb various industrial waste gas, decompose toxic gases, the effect is long-lasting, not easy to be saturated;    middle layer 20g super filter paper: can effectively block the air Small particles smaller than 2.5um, good dust-proof and bacteria-filtering effect;    inner layer 25g super soft PP non-woven fabric: it has acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, bacteria-filtering, skin-friendly and other special effects, comfortable to wear, no allergies;    296
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