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What is the structure of the KN95 mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-07
Because of the emergence of the new coronavirus, masks have become a necessity for many people. Regarding the many masks on the market, most customers do not have a thorough understanding of them, and only follow the trend to buy them, especially the supply of KN95 masks is small. Today, the editor will popularize the prevailing science about KN95 masks, and hope to bring you some reference and enlightenment about buying masks. What is a KN95 copper mask? It is a Chinese-standard copper mask. It is a type of mask with particulate filtering power in our country. Because the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted through droplets, the meaning of N95 is that it can filter 95 in the air. % Of particulate matter. The filtering ability is better than ordinary masks and medical masks.   If ranked according to the priority of the wearer's own protection function, the KN95 mask has the highest protection ability. The detailed structure of KN95 masks Medical masks and protective masks are non-woven materials, composed of oriented or random fibers, generally multi-layer structure, mainly composed of three layers, generally called SMS structure.   At present, the highest number of layers in China is 5 layers, that is, SMMMS. The KN95 mask with higher protection level has 5 layers, 2 layers of meltblown cloth + 2 layers of non-woven fabrics + 1 layer of hot air cotton, which can filter more than 95% of fine particles. Compared with other types of masks, the price of KN95 masks is relatively high. Many friends have questions, can I reuse KN95 masks? Of course, no problem. 404
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