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What kind of anti-smog mask is suitable for children

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-28
What kind of protective mask is suitable for children in haze? Which type and type of protective mask is suitable for children? Compared with adults, children suffer more from the haze weather, but wearing professional anti-haze masks for a long time It is easy to cause breathing difficulties. The labor insurance network technology recommends that children choose non-woven masks with better breathability or protective masks with breathing valves as much as possible.  The hazards of haze to children   Smog has many harms to the human body, the most important of which is respiratory infection, acute tracheal and bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and other diseases. In severe cases, it can even cause emphysema and lung cancer. For children with unsound respiratory systems, the harm caused by haze weather is far greater than that of adults.  Do children need respiratory protection  Because children have no nose hair, they have one less protective wall than adults. Children are shorter in height, closer to the ground, and more likely to inhale pollutants from the ground into their lungs. Children’s lungs are immature and their breathing rate is higher. These factors will cause bacteria and viruses to grow more easily than adults.  What kind of protective mask is suitable for children?  Professional anti-smog masks are actually not suitable for children, because adults wearing good airtight anti-smog masks will not be able to bear it for more than 15 minutes. Children are young and improperly cared for, which can cause suffocation hazards.   Therefore, children under the age of 3 are not recommended to wear masks. Parents should take children out as little as possible on foggy days.  Some parents will choose disposable medical masks, fashion trend protective masks, activated carbon masks, etc. for their children. In fact, most of these protective masks are not suitable for children to wear. The dust filtering function of disposable medical masks is weak, and the filtering effect for haze weather is very small. Fashionable protective masks have better protection against cold and warmth, but their function of blocking bacteria, viruses, and fine particles is too weak; activated carbon masks can effectively isolate harmful gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, peculiar smell and malodor in the air, but are aimed at dust particles in the air The blocking effect is not much. If you must wear a copper mask to prevent smog, the labor insurance network recommends that children over 3 years old can also choose to wear gauze and non-woven masks, because this kind of protective mask has a certain filtering function for dust, and it is also more comfortable, breathable, and more suitable for children. Children wear. The above is the introduction of which kind of protective masks are suitable for children by the editor of Labor Insurance Net. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand child protective masks! At present, children protective masks are often sold in major shopping malls and online stores. There are various brands and styles, but there are no relevant standards for child protective masks in China, so parents must pay more attention when choosing them. 223
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