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What kind of dust mask can effectively filter the smog?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-10
Nowadays, the haze weather is getting more and more serious, and there are a wide variety of masks on the market. Cotton, linen, fiber and other masks are civilian-grade masks, and basically have no ability to defend against smog. These common masks are basically warm As well as protecting some dust, it is very important to choose a suitable copper mask. The protective effect of the mask itself is not the ultimate protective effect. If the copper mask we choose does not fit the facial curve, or if we do not choose the correct wearing method, it will lead to airtightness. Poor quality can also lead to actual results or even no effect at all. Therefore, Shenzhen Zhongwei Honest Industry Co., Ltd. has proposed custom design and custom production services to make masks more suitable for human faces and achieve better protection performance. If the public wants to protect the fine particles in the air (such as PM2.5, haze) by wearing masks, we recommend choosing professional-grade dust masks, such as our company’s breathing valve dust masks. Among the dust masks, professional dust masks of the Kn90 level that meet the national standard can basically meet the demand, but the filtering effect will increase the resistance will increase, and the comfort of wearing will be greatly reduced. Therefore, Zhongwei is honest. It is recommended to weigh the pros and cons according to the actual situation, and determine the protective effect of a copper mask. You can’t just look at the data from the filtration rate, but from the filtration efficiency, the fit of the wearing, and the wearing time. Therefore, what kind of copper mask is good? Need to go through many considerations, practicality also varies from person to person. KN95 and KN90 dust masks are more reliable to resist PM2.5. The larger the number after N, the better the protective effect. The disposable masks we usually buy in clinics and pharmacies are resistant to large particles. It has better protection at times, but there is nothing you can do when facing particles with a diameter of less than 5 microns, let alone PM2.5 level particles. The texture of the N95 dust-proof slogan is relatively hard, and the protective materials are relatively tight. If worn for a long time, it is easy to cause discomfort and breathing becomes blocked. Although the protective effect is good, breathing difficulties will affect the respiratory system, so it is not recommended for the elderly and children Wear.   By comparison, the KN90 series of masks will be better, the degree of breath blocking is not as uncomfortable as n95, and it can filter 90% of the particles. The KN90 series of masks have more types. 
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