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What kind of dust mask can prevent pneumoconiosis

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-25
What kind of dust mask can prevent pneumoconiosis? Pneumoconiosis has now become the most serious type of occupational disease in my country, accounting for 90% of occupational disease cases. Pneumoconiosis occurs in people working in high dust areas in various fields, especially mining is more serious. Pay attention to pneumoconiosis and prevent and treat pneumoconiosis. It is imperative. Pneumoconiosis in the wood workshop mainly includes coal worker's pneumoconiosis, graphite pneumoconiosis, carbon black pneumoconiosis, asbestos pneumoconiosis, talc pneumoconiosis, cement pneumoconiosis, mica pneumoconiosis, potter's pneumoconiosis, aluminum pneumoconiosis, welder's pneumoconiosis, caster's pneumoconiosis and silicosis. The severity of pneumoconiosis is different. Silicosis is more serious. It is caused by the inhalation of large quantities of silica dust (silica dust) at work. The lungs become as rigid as stones due to the inhalation of large quantities of silica dust. Pneumoconiosis patients inhale Qi became more and more difficult, and in the end it all relied on oxygen to stay alive. Miners not wearing dust masks can cause pneumoconiosis. While responding to pneumoconiosis to increase the intensity of rescue, my country is also constantly improving the protection technology of dust masks, raising the level of dust masks to KN100 to improve the prevention and treatment of pneumoconiosis Ability. The prevention and treatment of pneumoconiosis focuses on prevention and treatment, because the source of pneumoconiosis lung disease is the inhalation of large quantities of dust, so the environment of dust areas is isolated. Practitioners in the environment of high dust areas can wear high-grade dust masks that are sufficient to isolate dust inhalation. The incidence rate will be greatly reduced. A small copper mask can play a great role in the prevention and treatment of pneumoconiosis. If the inhalation protection is in place, the zero growth of pneumoconiosis in our country will be realized. After use, KN95 copper copper mask filter cotton has the technical conditions for dust masks that can prevent and treat pneumoconiosis. KN95 professional dust masks have a filtering efficiency of more than 99.99% for non-oily dust particles above 0.075 microns. The inhalation resistance is greatly reduced, and the service life is longer, which reduces the comprehensive use cost of dust masks, reduces the cost of purchasing dust masks, and is conducive to the overall popularization of high-grade dust masks. KN95 level is the highest level of protection defined by the national standard for dust masks. It is a protective wall to protect health for workers in the production environment with high dust concentrations such as mining. It is believed that in the continuous and comprehensive popularization of KN95 dust masks, The new incidence of pneumoconiosis in our country is continuously decreasing, and practitioners can work more safely and securely. 258
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