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What kind of mask is good for allergic rhinitis?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-30
Masks can not only insulate dust but also protect our respiratory health. They are one of the most commonly used items in daily life. But the choice of masks also has great skills, not all masks can be used. Especially patients with allergic rhinitis gauze masks are best to wear ordinary gauze masks. The copper mask has a certain filtering effect on the air entering the part, and also has a certain barrier function for dust and allergens in the air. However, masks made of non-woven fabrics may also contain certain chemicals that irritate the respiratory tract. For patients who suffer from allergic rhinitis, they are an allergen, which can easily irritate the nasal cavity and aggravate allergic symptoms.   disposable masks are made of non-woven fabrics, and the main raw material of non-woven masks is polypropylene. This kind of copper mask has only a few thin layers, but the air permeability is poor. It not only hinders the entry of fresh air and easily causes hypoxia, plus the resistance of the nasal mucosa decreases, but also makes the exhaled breath not smooth. The permeable mouth cover allows the foul gas to be repeatedly inhaled, causing respiratory tract infections. Disposable masks have poor water permeability, and moisture will accumulate inside them after wearing them for a long time. In such a humid and warm environment, it is beneficial for germs to multiply on the masks. Such masks not only cannot block pathogenic bacteria, but will 'send bacteria to the entrance' and cause respiratory infections.  Patients with allergic rhinitis are best to wear ordinary gauze masks. The gauze copper mask has the characteristics of good air permeability, strong water absorption, easy to keep dry and clean, soft and comfortable to wear on the nose and mouth, and can protect the nose and mouth, filter germs and allergens. However, gauze masks must be cleaned every time they are used out, otherwise the dust and germs that are blocked will also be inhaled into the body and will not be able to protect the body.
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