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What kind of respirators is analysed are there?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-27
Masks everyone is familiar with, but there are some special industry in the less we have witnessed in the use of masks, such as masks, respirators, prevent mist haze copper mask and so on, then the disposable masks small make up today to give the users a simple introduce the respirator is what kind? The respirator is a kind of protection is known to all staff of the respiratory system of special labor protection supplies, generally by the filter box or canister and the mask body. Mainly used for containing low concentration of harmful gas and dust work environment. This mask is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, military, fire protection, disaster relief, health and epidemic prevention and science and technology, environmental protection and other fields. There are many types of respirators, usually according to its structure and working principle, can be divided into two categories: air filter masks and gas mask. Air filter masks, or filter the type of face mask work principle is to make through the respirator filter material containing harmful air filter and then be inhaled. A respirator filter type structure is divided into two parts, one is the main part of the mask, the other is a part of the filter material, including filter cotton used in dust and gas with the chemical filter cartridge, etc. Gas masks, refers to the clean air, isolates and pests through dynamic action, such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder device management and mask to the face for people to breathe. Electrostatic filter material and special activated carbon in addition to odor layer, the respirator protection for particulate matter and organic odor, used in petrochemical, chemical industry, metal smelting and processing manufacturing industry, also used in some special forces. High electrostatic filter material ( Beyond the NIOSH requirements) Respiratory resistance is small, the special effects in addition to the peculiar smell, feel the fresh air.
respirators to buy time to pay attention to details
now in everyday life will encounter a lot of users to use the gas mask, gas mask should be how to buy, buy, what to pay attention to details, disposable surgical masks below small make up to give the users a simple introduce the respirator should be how to buy, buy to pay attention to what details? When purchasing a respirator to see whether the manufacturer has & quot; 3 card a sign '( The original) , while watching the respirator products are in conformity with product label or instructions, complete parts, function effectively, meet the requirements of the relevant national standards. At the same time, the user will see product identification, basically have factory name, address, etc. ; Product name, trademark, the production license number; Model, filter box model and standard color; Manufacturing orders or production batch number. More businesses to provide designated business units or enterprises to provide copies of relevant information, including: 3 card a logo, product manuals, test report and other related information. The last point is to see the appearance of the respirator plastic without damage, corrosion, such as the imperfect; Structure connection is firm.
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