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What kind the masks on the market of shallow are there?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-29
Speaking of masks should all are familiar with, because we are all can be used in daily life. Masks primarily to to stop the harmful substances in the air is called into the body, so as to affect the health of the body. So what are the types of masks are on the market? Disposable masks small make up today to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. From masks category on the market at present, there are mainly air is filter masks, however these different filter material will lead to the performance of the mask is not the same, below small make up to give users a simple introduce exactly what types. Surgical masks: made of three layers of non-woven fabric, suitable for the operating room environment; About more than 4 micron particle diameter can be stopped. Activated carbon masks: adding activated carbon materials, main effect is every flavour, but the respiratory resistance increased. At the same time, the activated carbon is also a source of particulate matter, is likely to be in the wearer, for chronic respiratory disease or infirm, can cause a harm instead. Copper mask: the main dust, block is useful when large particles, but for less than 5 micron particle diameter, blocking effect is limited, bacteria resistant. PM2。 5 masks: effectively resist PM2. 5 particle invasion, effectively tackle 0 in the air. The following 3 um bacteria and particles. However, at present the PM2. 5 respirators market is good and evil people mixed up, 'PM2. 5 'banner of mask can be seen everywhere, no particles, defend a variety of models, such as formaldehyde and activated carbon is not only not protective PM2. 5, permeability is also poor, also can stimulate the bronchial chemical fiber fabrics, appear the symptom such as skin allergy, nose afflictive. Above is the types of masks on the market at present, hope everybody can mask when the choose and buy to choose according to their own actual situation, so you can better protect people's health.

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