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What's the difference between ordinary medical masks and medical surgical masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-02
Everyone know surgical masks have now been widely used in our daily life, but many people don't understand medical masks still divided into common surgical masks and medical surgical masks and, then, what's different about the two masks, below small make up to give the user a simple introduction, hope to be able to spread under all this knowledge. Packaging different: medical surgical masks and common surgical masks in addition to the outer packing will indicate the different categories, the main differential method is its outer packing in the top right corner of the registered product standards, surgical masks for YY - 0469 - 2011, and the common surgical masks are printed with the various YZB/factory standard. Product description: different function material of mask and use is different, maybe the packaging will be fuzzy, but the instructions will generally indicate the environment and conditions applicable to the masks. Different prices: medical surgical masks generally high prices, usually in 1. 2 - 4 yuan/a, and general surgical masks, low prices is in commonly 0. 12 - 0. 20 yuan/a. Ordinary medical masks and medical surgical masks differences mainly displays in the outer packing, product description, price, etc. , hope everyone at the time of purchase to know the knowledge.
wearing surgical masks the user need to pay attention to the details of the
now life is more and more people wear surgical masks, however many users at the time of wearing masks are often ignored the many details, today small make up of disposable surgical masks to give users a simple introduce what to pay attention to details, come and see it below. Disposable masks, or other masks, has positive and negative, in terms of disposable masks, color depth is positive, positive outwards. The reverse of the mask color is more shallow, reverse itself, that is to say, color shallow side close to the face. In addition, also note that has one end of the metal strip is the top of the mask, don't bring upside down. Points clear mask positive, negative, above, below, from the side of a mask is not far away. Wash clean, ensure that the mask color shallow side itself ( Reverse side) And end up with metal strip ( Above) To both ends of the rope on the ear. Best need to press the bridge of the nose with both hands on either side of the metal strip, make masks the top close to the bridge of the nose. Then stretch mask down, make the mask not fold, better cover nose and mouth. In addition to wear method, we also take care not to choose with stars on the market of mask to wear, because the masks are only tools of star idol as a disguise, bring us no defense effect, long wear may also be affected by bacteria infection. In addition, we also need to avoid picking too bright-coloured masks. For example, some surgical masks will be divided into blue, pink and white. Difference is only the color, but the long-term stain wearing masks, may affect the body healthy, masks or wear plain white dyeing is better. Everyone wear the mask shape is also different, 3 m also points the cup shape and longitudinal fold shape and lateral fold shape; In the way of wearing also have different classification.
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