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What should be paid attention to when wearing anti-smog masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-28
Anti-smog masks have the functions of preventing influenza viruses and haze, so that bacteria, viruses, dust and various harmful particles in the air cannot easily enter the human body. However, what should be paid attention to when wearing anti-smog masks: 1. Different The effects of anti-smog masks are also different. Cotton masks, non-woven masks, gauze masks, and medical masks can block dust on the road, but the effect on smog is very limited. Anti-smog masks should consult relevant medical personnel before proceeding. Buy; 2. Masks should be replaced, cleaned, dried or disinfected frequently to prevent bacteria and harmful particles adsorbed on the copper mask from being inhaled by the human body; 3. Do not wear a thick or thin copper mask, wear a thick copper mask for a long time It is easy to make the nasal mucosa too fragile, which can cause other diseases, and the ability of too thin dust masks to filter bacteria and dirt in the air will be reduced; 4. Most masks should be worn close to the cheeks on both sides, and then pull the mask Make the lower edge fit the chin, and press the metal strip after wearing the medical copper mask. Professional anti-haze masks are a relatively common appliance for us. Different anti-haze masks have different uses. For example, in winter, we will choose thicker cotton masks to protect the face and avoid wind damage. In winter, the climate is relatively dry and the air quality is not good. Wearing anti-smog masks can also be used to avoid disease transmission and avoid inhaling particulate dust. Especially in cities with poor air quality, masks are needed to protect our health.
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