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What should I do if I bought a 'fake mask'?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-22
manufacturer: What should I do if I buy fake masks? do you know? A pair of high-quality masks is closely related to quality management system certifications such as ISO9001 and ISO13485. Access to Chinese industry standards, such as national standard testing, QS certification, CFDA certification, etc. To ensure its quality, foreign Food and Drug Administration certification and consumer electronics certification, it highlights its high quality. So, what kind of tests did these certifications pass? 1. Factory quality management system certification series ISO9001 certification ISO9001 is a general international standard. Qualified companies not only have a complete quality management system, but are more competitive internationally, and produce more quality and quantity. Medical device quality management system supervision requires it to focus on the quality management of medical equipment as a supplement to the general quality management system. Through the factory of this specification, the quality of medical masks will be effectively guaranteed and the product competitiveness will be enhanced. 2. A factory with one or two qualifications has better quality assurance and more reassuring products. In addition to the necessary quality system certification required by the factory, the high quality of masks is the core of competitiveness. In China, with the optimization and improvement of standards, compliant products will get better and better. Have greater market influence. 3. Non-medical mask certification food contact safety certification (national standard) With the improvement of China's food safety regulations, the safety requirements of food contact materials have been raised to a higher level. manufacturers must not only select raw materials and strictly control the quality, but also ensure the hygiene of the production and the exquisite craftsmanship. Ensure the safety of finished masks, meet relevant food safety standards, and pass SGS certification. 4. QS certification QS is a food production license certification, according to the safety of polyethylene film materials, to ensure the hygiene of polyethylene masks. With this certificate, polyethylene masks are safer. Medical copper mask certification CFDA certification is related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Medical masks are very strict, and many national standards must be followed in the production. It also needs to pass the relevant CFDA certification after production. It can be safely applied to medical behaviors. Therefore, medical masks usually represent high quality, and they have also become a favored object for high-end industrial applications. 5. In addition to these household mask standards, there are some foreign certificates that will guarantee the quality of the products. As part of foreign certification, the US Food and Drug Administration certified it mainly for medical masks. It can only be obtained after passing registration and strict inspection. It is based on US legislation on food and medical equipment. To a large extent guarantee the quality and safety of masks. 6. Ce certified Europe, where developed countries gather, attaches great importance to the protection of hands. Their protective masks should comply with EN374, EN388 and EN420 standards. Ensure that the product meets the production and operation specifications. There are also various performance tests and classifications, chemical and microbial resistance tests. Food-contact masks should also comply with the EN1186 standard. Ensure the safety of food contact. They meet the relevant identification requirements and instructions, and obtain the relevant CE certification. Product specifications for the manufacture of medical masks. The EN455 technical standard was born, and she was responsible for the pinhole, strength and size testing of masks. And biological assessment to control the hazards. In terms of symbols and information, comply with EN980 and EN1041 standards. These cumbersome standard requirements, it represents the strict attitude of the European counterparts protection. 7. Masks, products comply with ISO9001 and ISO13485 management system certification. Products have passed SGS, QS, CFDA, etc. Industry, some of them hold Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Electronics certifications. On the road to quality assurance, we insist on strictly selecting products, improving production lines, and establishing strict product standards on a global scale to maximize the health, hygiene and safety of masks.
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