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What should I do if the mask is uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-07
With the start of a large-scale resumption of work, I believe that many of our friends, like WeDoctors, have all of a sudden stretched out the time to wear masks every day. As a result, various discomforts followed one after another: the bridge of the nose and the back of the ears were worn out and painful! The area covered by the copper mask was red...   However, according to the current form, the situation of wearing a mask for a long time may still be It will last for a while. For this reason, WeDoctor has compiled a few small methods to help everyone relieve the discomfort of wearing a mask for a long time.   pressure is uncomfortable, try these 4 tricks   We may have seen some photos of frontline medical staff taking off their masks and protective clothing. Deep strangulations appeared on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and under the eyes, which made people feel distressed. In fact, this phenomenon is also called 'medical device-related pressure injury  For ordinary people, although it will not cause such a deep strangle mark, it is always uncomfortable to wear it for a long time (more than 4 hours). This is mainly due to the thin dermis layer of the skin on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and ears, and lack of fat layer cushioning, so it is easy to cause pressure-related injuries. In this regard, we can consider doing this:   1 Use 3M artificial skin to stick to the area that is prone to indentation. 3M artificial skin should be no stranger to people who often develop acne. This is a temporary skin treatment process. The sexual wound protection covering material, also called 'artificial burn (wound) wound covering material  This material is not easy to allergies, has good sealing properties, and has elasticity, so it is suitable for sticking to the parts of the face that are prone to indentation, and can better disperse local pressure.  2  Push cotton pads on the compressed area before wearing the mask.    You can put paper towels, cotton pads, or medical gauze on the pressured areas, or put a band-aid on the nose clip of the mask, which helps to reduce the friction of wearing the mask for a long time.  3   change the position of the copper mask every 2~3 hours  If sanitary conditions permit, it is recommended not to wear the mask for too long, take off the mask every 2~3 hours or change the mask position appropriately to reduce local pressure.  4   use head-worn or strap-on masks    almighty netizens have figured out a way to 'modify' the mask with a milk carton handle, converting the ear-worn type to the head-worn type. Indeed, it is not easy to compress the ears, and the wearing time can be relatively long. In addition, strap-on masks can also be used for low-risk exposures, which can also help reduce friction and pressure on the skin behind the ears. Wearing a mask for a long time, there are two types of problems that should be paid attention to: 1) Allergic phenomena such as erythema, papules, itching, etc. The materials of masks are mostly composed of non-woven fabrics, metal clips, rubber bands, etc., which can cause allergies for some people. Causes contact dermatitis. In addition, the mask is worn for a long time, and the dampness of the mask can easily breed germs, which can also cause skin redness and itching. WeDoctor recommends:   (1) People with allergies should understand the material of the mask before wearing it, avoid allergic ingredients, and buy a regular and qualified product for the mask;   (2) Replace the mask in time when the mask is wet;   (3) After removing the mask You can wash your face with running water. If the skin is slightly red, it is recommended to use mineral water or clean water to apply on the face. The temperature should be controlled at about 20-40℃, and not too hot or too cold.  2  appears or aggravates acne (acne)   Wearing a mask for a long time will make our skin form a relatively closed environment. With the exhalation of water vapor when breathing, the humidity of this closed environment is relatively high.   thus cause the clogging of the sebaceous glands of our hair follicles, affect the secretion of sebum, and breed some bacteria in this humid environment, such as Propionibacterium acnes, Malassezia, etc., which may cause or aggravate acne. 

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