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What should I pay attention to when wearing anti-haze masks correctly?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-27
Masks can prevent influenza viruses, haze, etc., so that bacteria, viruses, dust and various harmful particles in the air cannot easily enter the human body. However, the correct way to wear anti-haze masks should pay attention to the following points: 1. Different anti-haze mask materials have different effects. Cotton masks, non-woven masks, gauze masks, and medical masks can block dust on the road, but The effect on smog is limited, anti-smog masks should be purchased after consulting the relevant medical personnel. 2. Masks should be replaced, cleaned, dried or disinfected frequently to prevent bacteria and harmful particles adsorbed on the masks from being inhaled by the human body. 3. Do not wear too thick or too thin masks. Wearing too thick dust masks for a long time will easily make the nasal mucosa too fragile and cause other diseases, while too thin dust masks filter bacteria and dirt in the air. Ability will be reduced. 4. When most masks are worn, they should be close to the cheeks on both sides, and then pull the lower edge of the mask to make it fit the chin. After wearing the medical copper mask, press the metal strip. Anti-haze masks are the most common equipment for us. Different anti-haze masks have different uses. For example, in winter, we will choose a little cotton mask, which can protect the face and avoid wind damage. Second, the winter climate It is relatively dry and the air quality is not good. Wearing anti-smog masks can also be used to avoid disease transmission and avoid inhalation of particulate dust. Especially in cities with poor air quality, masks are needed to protect our health. Anti-smog masks can be divided into air filtering masks and air-supply masks according to the big classification. Generally, air filtering masks are common. Now it is not surprising that masks are worn in large, medium and small cities. Among them, N95 masks A specific protective and safe copper mask, N95 represents the minimum standard of infection protection, that is to say, masks below the N95 standard are not good for our health.
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