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What standard masks should be worn in a 100,000-grade dust-free clean workshop

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-07
In the production and processing of precision electronic instruments, the requirements for dust-free workshops are very high. In order to ensure that electronic products are not damaged during production and processing, and protected from dust, non-woven masks are needed to achieve better dust-free effects.   Non-woven masks are made of imported wood pulp as raw materials. The high-quality materials will not cause skin allergies and are very suitable for workers in clean rooms. In addition, the non-woven copper mask has a smooth fabric and a delicate and soft surface, which can effectively lock the dust on the face in the mask, so as to ensure that the dust will not leak out.   The fall of dust will have a negative impact on the dust-free workshop. For example, if the camera produced in the workshop is disturbed by dust, the picture will be unclear, which will affect the normal production quality of the product. Due to the interference effect of dust, the quality of electronic products will be greatly lost. The design of    non-woven mask can isolate the dust on the face and reduce the pollution rate of dust. The careful design can further improve the quality of the product. The inner part of the non-woven mask is made of elastic yarn for processing and design, so that the operator can wear it more conveniently, so that the product can be used more widely, and the non-woven mask should have the effect.  The design principle of ear straps is used on both sides of the non-woven copper mask, which has a better fixing effect. This makes it easier for employees working on the assembly line, and they don’t have to worry about the mask falling off during the work. Non-woven masks are used in a wide range of fields. Whether in the medical industry or in the pharmaceutical industry, they can get a good development space, so as to ensure that more companies can make it further applications after choosing this product. And promotion. 133
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