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What standards should kn95 masks meet?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-01
What standards must kn95 masks meet? Recently, there have been a series of rumors on the Internet. One of them is: the GB2626 standard conforms to the KN95 masks are industrial dust masks, not the GB19083 standard for medical masks, they are not resistant to germs, and they are useless. What else is the GB2626 copper mask is worse Medical surgical masks and the like.   So what is the truth? Let us analyze in detail: First of all, to prevent virus masks, an important indicator is non-oily particulate filterability. The technical standard for medical surgical masks is YY0469, and the filterability of non-oily particles is greater than or equal to 30%.   There are three types of non-oily particulate filterability of GB2626 masks, KN90 is greater than or equal to 90%; KN95 is greater than or equal to 95%; KN100 is greater than or equal to 99.97%. The N95 masks we often talk about are actually the KN95 masks of GB2626.  GB19083 masks are generally medical protective masks. The use scene is where the fever clinic is in direct contact with the patient, and it needs to be used with goggles and other devices. It is also divided into three categories, but the three categories of medical protective masks are called level, level 1, level 2, and level 3. The non-oily filterability index of GB19083 medical protective masks is greater than the three levels of GB2626 that meet the KN standard masks. The lowest level 1 is equivalent to KN95, which is why KN95 masks are more recommended. Medical surgical masks are not mentioned. The filterability of non-oily particles is greater than or equal to 30%, which is a lot behind (experts say that KN95 can't be bought, and medical surgical masks are also OK. Wearing it is better than not wearing it).  The table below shows that to prevent viruses, from the non-oily particulate filterability index, GB2626u003dGB19083>YY0469. The difference is that medical surgical masks and medical protective masks have more indicators such as blood penetration and surface moisture resistance, which provide protection for medical workers from blood splashing and body fluid splashing during surgery.     To sum up, the up master will summarize it. From the perspective of ordinary people's virus prevention, GB2626 and GB19083 are exactly the same. If you care about the additional liquid-proof requirements of GB19083 in the form, I just want to say: You have to wear goggles and biochemical suits. After all, this virus can be spread from the eyes.   up warm reminder: about the exhalation valve. Healthy people can't buy masks without exhalation valve, they can wear exhalation valve masks to protect themselves. Under the same standard, the protective effect of the two masks is the same. Friends who are suspected of being sick and want to see a doctor in public places such as hospitals must not wear masks with exhalation valves. You see, the Red Cross purchases are marked, medical consumables must be valveless.   Finally, let’s give a thumbs up to the great medical staff working on the front line! Thank you for your hard work! 356
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