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What users wearing masks should pay attention to daily life details

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-03
User wearing masks which should pay attention to details in daily life masks should all are familiar with, we often use in everyday life. However, many consumers will often ignore some details when using a mask, then the disposable masks small make up today to give the users a simple introduce wearing masks, what to pay attention to details. Wash your hands before and after each wearing a mask. Keep the mask to the face, the mask color facing out, metal face up. Tighten the power cord or rubber band wrapped around the ears, make the mask to the face; Masks should be completely cover mouth and nose and chin; Along the bridge of the nose two side press the metal mask, the mask to the face. After wearing a mask, avoid contact with masks, in order to reduce its protection; If you must touch the mask, please wash your hands thoroughly before touching. Take off the mask, should avoid contact with the outer part of the mask, because it may be bacterial contamination. After take off the mask, put it in the tape or paper bags, then it is discarded in the trash can cover. Face film at least once a day. If the mask damage or dirty, please change immediately. Food grade gloves are what are the requirements? Disposable surgical masks to consumer choose and buy from what aspects
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