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Where disposable respirator may be used

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-15
Disposable masks are used where there are many different kinds of disposable masks, each kind of role is distinct. Like need long-term exposure to asbestos or glass fiber must wear disposable masks. Some people may be tiny fiber may need long time contact, like the people who work in textile mill, also need to wear disposable masks. Pay attention to the work under the high temperature or high humidity environment, choice is no longer a disposable respirator and should be the other necessary protective tools. Disposable masks used in manufacturing or processing is prone to dust, dust will enter the respiratory tract there safe hidden trouble to everybody but also have great influence to the lungs. The use of disposable masks can prevent dust from entering the respiratory tract, avoid the happening of various diseases. Disposable masks used in dense schools, such as food processing enterprises. Personnel intensive place of virus is more, wear disposable masks to protect their own but also in the protection of others, on the oldest rate reduce the spread of the virus disease. Note the disposable respirator should be used in the period of validity. Every time can only use the disposable, after use shall be destroyed immediately. If found damaged packaging, should be banned and destroyed. Disposable masks in more than 80% relative humidity in storage, and placed in the interior of the ventilation is good, avoid direct heat. In the daily life of disposable masks should pay attention to test whether qualified disposable masks worn at a time
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