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Which is the best anti-dust mask for daily air?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-17
The air pollution problem is getting more and more serious. Most cities are shrouded in smog and dust. Before going out, people will wear anti-dust masks to prevent inhalation of substances harmful to the human body. So which is better for anti-dust masks? Let me take a look at what kind of anti-dust masks are good and what are the effects of wearing anti-dust masks. 1. Which kind of anti- is better:   1, anti-dust respirator;   ZeroTing anti-dust respirator is very well-known because of its good filtering effect. Activated carbon is used as the material to deeply filter harmful gases to the human body. This copper mask can also prevent the inhalation of industrial dust. It can be used not only in daily life, but also in work. 2. PM2.5 dust respirator;    Zero Ting pm2.5 dust respirator is unique in design and has a wide range of uses. Some can prevent urban exhaust emissions, and some can prevent industrial dust, allowing us to breathe fresh air . The mask of this brand of Lingting is also very famous.  3. Dust masks;    Zero Listening Dust Masks This brand adopts a design with excellent breathability breathing valve, which can effectively prevent the human body from inhaling harmful gases, and it will not feel stuffy when worn. It is very suitable for summer wear. 2. What is the function of wearing dust masks:      1. Dust masks are divided into many types. Take the duckbill copper mask for example. This kind of mask adopts a three-dimensional design, which is convenient for people to talk with others and is very suitable for medical use. It can prevent the human body from being infected by bacteria and viruses, and can also prevent the inhalation of tiny dust when used in industry.  2. The dust-proof copper mask with a breathing valve will not cause the accumulation of heat, making the wearer feel more relaxed when breathing, and is very suitable for use in high temperature environments. This kind of mask has a good density on the face and will not easily suck dust into the respiratory tract. It is generally used in cement factories, construction industries and other places. 3. Anti-dust masks are mainly used to prevent the inhalation of substances that are harmful to the human body. According to the purpose of masks, they are divided into anti-dust and poisonous gas. We use anti-dust masks, which are used to prevent the human body from being smoked by dust. And harmful gases.   Editor's summary: The above is about which anti- is better and what is the effect of wearing an anti-. I hope to help everyone. Air pollution in many big cities is very serious now. In order to protect your respiratory system, wearing anti-dust masks can reduce the toxic gas contained in the air to the human body in Shanghai, so it is best to choose some masks with better filtering properties. 289
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