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Which is the best industrial dust mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-24
In industrial production, if the relevant workers don't wear dust masks, they don't know how many catties of dust will be eaten into the human body all day long. At this moment, there will be a question of which kind of industrial copper mask is good. We all know that in the manufacturing industry of industrial production, the working environment is very bad, so usually all employees must wear an industrial-grade dust mask. Now that there are so many dust masks on the market, which one is good for industrial-grade dust-proof masks? Let’s analyze the topic of which kind of industrial-grade dust-proof masks are good together with the editor of Ji Ji!   Industrial-grade dustproof masks Which kind of copper mask is better? Rongxin dust mask experts said that a good industrial copper mask should meet the following three conditions. One is that the filtration efficiency is high when the industrial dust mask is in good contact with the user’s face. , The second is that the breathing resistance is small, and the third is that the user feels comfortable.  The basic principles of choosing industrial-grade dust masks. How to choose industrial-grade dust masks? Experts suggest that first, we should fully consider the weather pollution and choose the appropriate masks in a targeted manner. For example, N95 can be considered in severely polluted weather, but medical masks can be selected in the case of light pollution. Secondly, it should be selected according to the physical condition of the person wearing the copper mask. Although some masks have a high blocking rate against particulates, they often make people feel difficult to breathe when they are worn. For some people who have respiratory diseases, such masks may cause serious physical discomfort. The effect is not satisfactory. Again, consider price and quality. Although some industrial-grade dust masks are expensive, they are not certified by professional quality certification agencies. When consumers choose industrial-grade dust masks, they should shop around and do what they can.   Also, in addition to purchasing the perfect products of a regular dust copper mask manufacturer when choosing and purchasing industrial-grade dust masks, in the operation process of use, it is also necessary to be aware of hygiene problems. For example, some industrial-grade dust masks should be cleaned immediately after use. It is necessary to avoid used industrial-grade dust-proof masks and clean industrial-grade dust-proof masks together, and avoid mixing masks with others to reduce secondary The probability of contamination and cross-contamination ensure the safety and hygiene of masks. 243
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