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Which marking machine is suitable for KN95 mask laser marking

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-07
Before you need to use the mask marking machine, you need to know the specific details of the mask marking machine, not because you want to buy what you want, but to know what you can use and buy. Meltblown cloth is a kind of material used to produce masks and cannot be simply printed by inkjet printing. Now, KN95 masks are widely used, and illegal merchants use this processing method to engrave. In addition to being unclear, it is also very simple to spread and erase, showing black dots.     UV laser marking machine This kind of marking machine requires the use of a UV laser marking machine with laser technology for marking and coding. Why is it a UV laser marking machine? You must know that meltblown cloth materials like this are very thin, and they are not simply processed in a high temperature environment. Other laser light sources have high temperatures during processing. As long as the UV laser marking machine can adapt to it.   It is believed that it uses a 355 mm ultraviolet cold light source, and there will be no high temperature during the marking process, and it will not cause damage to the copper mask. This kind of light source has a small focus and is very suitable for data with precise symbols. The symbol function is not only clear and bright, but also free of ink scattering and burrs. By the way, KN95 mask manufacturers now use laser marking machines to coordinate their production.   As for why, we can now know from the role of symbols. The UV laser marking machine is required to mark the production date of the LOGO, the breathing valve, and the packaging bag. The UV laser marking machine can meet the demand and can cooperate with the production line to complete the laser marking and increase the production power. 403
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