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Who must wear anti-smog masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-25
Recently, the National Health Commission’s CDC commissioned the Environmental and Health Related Product Safety Institute of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other relevant units to conduct research and development on the basis of multiple consultations with relevant departments and experts in various fields. The 'Guidelines for the Health Protection of Air Pollution (Haze) Crowd' were published. The 'Guide' pointed out that there are three main categories of key groups for haze pollution protection. The first category is sensitive people such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women; the second category is patients with cardiopulmonary diseases, such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, asthma or chronic obstruction. Patients with sexual pulmonary disease; the third category is those who work outdoors for a long time, such as traffic police, sanitation workers, construction workers, etc.     China Business Daily reporter Zhang Jie photo    Regarding the use of haze protection equipment, the purchase and use of masks, the 'Guide' recommends:    1. Reasonably choose anti-haze masks. It is recommended to choose a mask that meets the national standard (GB/T32610-2016), or a mask marked with KN95/N95, FFP2 and above standards. Consider the user's face shape and comfort, and choose a mask with better airtightness. Key groups such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, and patients with cardiopulmonary diseases should wear protective masks equipped with breathing valves, and consult a professional physician for confirmation before wearing masks.   2. Wear a mask correctly. Wrap the ear straps of the copper mask around the ears or place the head straps on the top of the head and behind the neck. Use the index and middle fingers of both hands to press the metal strips from the top of the center to the sides at the same time to make the mask close to the face and completely cover the nose and mouth. Every time a mask is worn, air tightness must be checked. That is, cover the mask with both hands and exhale. If you feel gas leaking from the nose clip, you should readjust the nose clip; if you feel gas leaking from both sides of the mask, you need to further adjust the position of the headband and earband; if it can’t fit, you need to replace it model. After removing the mask, it should be folded in half and placed in a dry and airtight plastic bag for storage.   3. Replace the copper mask in due course. According to the degree of haze pollution, the respiratory resistance of the mask and the acceptable degree of sanitary conditions, the mask should be replaced in due course. If the mask has been in contact with a contagious environment or the parts of the mask are found to be damaged, such as missing nose clips, broken headbands, or broken masks, they should be replaced immediately. 254
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