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Why can disposable masks be used only once?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-31
Why can disposable masks be used only once? Dust masks are widely used in daily life. Different areas and different regional environments have matching types of masks that can be selected. Among them, disposable masks are the most frequently used in daily life. A disposable mask is a mask made of multiple layers of non-woven fabric, which must be thrown away after use. Next, everyone from the labor insurance belt will get acquainted with disposable masks. First of all: What is a copper copper mask?    According to the above description of Baidu Encyclopedia, a disposable mask is a copper mask made of two layers of 28 grams of non-woven fabric. The bridge of the nose is made of green and environmentally friendly plastic strips without any metal. The material is breathable and comfortable to wear, suitable for electronic device factories and daily life.  Secondly: Why can disposable masks be used only once?    Generally speaking, disposable masks on the market are made of non-woven fabrics. Therefore, once it is cleaned by water, the non-woven fabric will lose its ability to adsorb micro-particles of bacteria through static electricity, and the copper copper mask will lose its protective ability. Therefore, in general, disposable masks will only be used once, and will be thrown away after use. Finally: How to wear disposable masks correctly?    1. Distinguish the front and back of the mask. Generally speaking, disposable masks are divided into white and blue sides. The white side faces inward and the blue side faces outward;   2, the white side Close to the face, then pull up the upper edge of the disposable mask, pull the two straps behind the ears and fasten the head, remember not to tie the ears;   3. Use two fingers to press the upper nose of the mask The metal wire at the root makes it close to the skin of the face, and then gradually move the index finger to the sides, so that the whole mask is close to the skin of the face;   4. After taking off the mask, you should put the disposable mask in a plastic bag or a paper bag Then throw it into a covered trash can and wash your hands immediately. Here again, I remind you that you don’t need to use disposable masks multiple times.   As the regional environment changes, people use dust masks more and more frequently in their daily lives. However, if you want to better protect yourself, in addition to buying dust masks from a regular mask manufacturer, you must also learn relevant mask knowledge. 233
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