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Why do you need to install the bridge of the nose in the mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-29
Why masks are needed in masks? With the spread of the epidemic, most people pay more and more attention to masks, which also triggered everyone's consideration of masks. Once upon a time, China was still using heavy gauze masks. Now, the masks have three thin layers, and a rubber strip has been added to the upper edge, which is called a mask nose strip. Why do modern masks need mask nose strips? The main effect of mask nose strips is not to fix the copper mask on the nose with nose strips. The biggest effect of copper mask nose strips is to seal both sides of the nose to prevent unfiltered air. Directly inhaled into the human body, causing infection of viruses.   Therefore, modern masks are indispensable to the nose bridge of the mask, and the nose bridge of the mask is not a random choice. Different masks correspond to different nose strips. For example, ordinary disposable masks are recommended, all-plastic nose strips or single-core nose strips, medical masks are recommended, and double-core nose strips or aluminum nose strips have better sealing. 401
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