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Why surgical masks must reach the international standard?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-19
Why surgical masks must reach the international standard? Now people pay more and more attention to the health of the body, so now, people wear masks and travel, but now people prefer to medical masks in wearing masks. But we all know that surgical masks are must reach the international standard production, so why to meet international standards, below small make up to give the user a simple introduction, hope can help to you. In recent years, the hospital for medical equipment and medical staff hand transmission of pathogens causing nosocomial infection has caused enough attention, and take the corresponding measures, but the nurse after wearing masks bacteria pollution can also cause nosocomial infection is not valued. Is engaged in the morning night nursing after, because of the dust float in the sky, some bacteria can deposit on the face mask surface; Nurse patient frequent contact, in addition to the life care, still need to complete a lot of daily work, if the morning after nursing also wore masks of bacterial count exceeds bid deep vein puncture catheter, urethral catheterization, treatment such as aseptic requirements of high operation, bacteria can follow the breath of the operator on the mask and head activity landing at no fungus surface, once the pathogenic bacteria and drug resistant strains into the body, can cause iatrogenic infection, bacteria on masks with breathing exercises into nurse their own body, affecting the health of nurses. In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, the national special included surgical masks in the use of medical standards, manufacturers in the production requirements should be performed in accordance with the requirements. Disposable gloves can be used to deal with seafood? The characteristics of the Labour protection glove of cycling gloves
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