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Will children's masks test its waterproof performance?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-21
Will children's masks test its waterproof performance? In our impression, PE masks, also called plastic masks, are often used in daily diet to protect hands from oil and irritants, such as eating crayfish, biting bones, or spicy food. This kind of copper mask is usually blow-molded, made by pressing and heat sealing, and is widely used in food and other industries. Although there is no unified national standard or industry standard for this kind of mask. However, through some provincial standards (Guangdong Province) and factory standards, we can easily see that when polyethylene masks are produced, waterproof performance will also be tested to ensure that the masks will not break or leak. Will children's masks test its waterproof performance? According to the reference standard, the waterproof performance test process of polyethylene mask is as follows. The quality inspector puts the cuff of the polyethylene mask upwards, pours (232) water into the copper mask, at a distance of (405) mm from the cuff, and then keeps the water jacket vertical, stands still for 3 minutes, observes and wipes the surface of the sample and the heat-sealing position with filter paper . The test results require that the copper mask is free from damage and leakage. After the waterproof performance sampling test, the manufacturer or relevant departments can evaluate the masks produced in batches or at the same time to determine whether they are qualified, and thus determine the destination of the masks. From this, we can know that polyethylene masks have certain standards and will be tested for waterproof performance. 437
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