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Will the mask with activated charcoal be inhaled into the lungs?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-23
Netizens describe this health problem as follows: My gender is male, I am 30 years old this year, I wear an activated carbon copper mask every day due to work reasons. After putting on the mask, my nose is black. It can definitely be inhaled into the lungs. Is it harmful to the body? Will it be Yes: Need doctor’s help to provide remote diagnosis: I have done lung ct. Diagnosis is normal two years ago. No. Expert's answer result: Hello, this is only able to block part of the inhalation of the lungs, but there are some, but it is less, it is a practicing disease. No. expert’s answer: This situation should be paid attention to. This kind of long-term environmental work may cause pneumoconiosis to work in this environment. Protective measures must be done. Go to the hospital to check the No. ③ expert’s regularly. Answer result: Hello, according to the situation you described, it will have a certain impact in the long-term. Hello, it is recommended to pay attention to self-protection, pay attention to rest, and wish you good health. ④The result of the expert’s answer: In this case, it is very easy to cause silicosis. You’d better go to another job and see. Is there any discomfort at the moment?   Expert-patient dialogue:   If you ask, I don’t feel anything. I mean the inside of the mask.  Doctor replied: Then it doesn’t matter what kind of activated carbon copper mask is best.   Doctor replied: Cotton. If the above is about whether the activated carbon mask with activated carbon can be inhaled into the lungs, you are not satisfied with the harmless answer. , You can use the search function of this site to find more related content 295
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