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Winter wear masks generally to pay attention to?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-17
Winter wear masks generally to pay attention to? Everyone knows the winter haze weather is high incidence of period, the haze contains a lot of PM2. 5, easily drawn into the people's respiratory tract and stimulate the mucous membrane, at the same time can damage the lungs, respiratory infection of many disease can occur easily. However, after wearing a mask so that you can very good to prevent dust in the air of the harm to human body. So people in daily life, often there will be some misunderstanding, wearing masks or ignore some details, so generally pay attention to when wearing masks, disposable masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. Don't need to wear a professional protective masks no civil masks standards of the state at present, the masks on the market quality good and bad are intermingled, must choose a big brand, have normal product packaging and specifications for the mask, such as the disposable surgical masks or more than 12 layer gauze masks. Do not covet is cheap, in the absence of hygiene license to buy the booth in masks. In order to filter the PM2 and it isn't necessary. 5, and choose to wear type N95, N99 and other professional protective masks. In theory, a mask of protective material more airtight, block the effect of the particles, the better. Masks, on the other hand, the more closed, breathing resistance increases, the more obvious, breathing more difficult. Wearing N95, N99 and other professional protective mask is to be trained, otherwise easy to cause breathing difficulties, dizziness caused by the oxygen. More unnecessary around the clock to wear face masks, once turned for the better visibility, the haze weather, disappear, or in the car, indoor air cleaner environment, can remove mask. In addition, when using a mask, avoid two sides used interchangeably, should be replaced at least once a day. Every day should wear the mask for cleaning and disinfection, cleaning masks, should first put masks in water very hot a few minutes, wash to the sun drying, sterilization effect. Wear glasses is to pay attention to clear the fog on the lens in winter, if you wear masks and glasses at the same time, the trouble with you - — You breathe out, hot gas, it will be through a small gap on both sides of the nose Angle and face mask, go between glasses and eyes, time is a bit long, lenses are fog fuzzy one, greatly affect the safety of the people's visual and activities. There is some clear lens on the way of the fog. It is best to choose better heat dissipation resin lens or 'anti-fog lens'. Antifoggant also can buy in the market 'glasses', general antifoggant have 'cleaning, decontamination and frost prevention, anti-fog, protect vision,' such as efficacy, no stimulation to the skin, the mirror has no corrosion, easy to use, use a fog can keep 1-3 days. Latex gloves to use in daily life matters needing attention introduced copper mask in everyday life how long does it take to change?
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